wrap it up

If you’re struggling with ideas for christmas presents this year, here are a few ideas that might help for the people in your life who have enough ‘stuff’ but you still  do want to get them something. In fact, I think these would make brilliant birthday and wedding presents as well.

A bonus if you don’t like shopping at this time of year is that all these can be purchased online, although I would always advocate supporting your local independent retailers too.


Yes they sound very dull don’t they but there are some real corkers out there covering a whole host of interests. Here are some that caught my eye.

1.My Little Box  is perfect for fashion, beauty or interior lovers. Each month you are sent a box that includes make up, a magazine,  beautifully illustrated items and more. Prices start at £33 for a 3 month subscription. Take a look at some of the previous months boxes here

make up, nail varnish

2. For those who can’t do anything before a cup of coffee in the morning, how about a coffee subscription with cafe direct. Each month you’re sent a bag of coffee direct to your front door. This works a little differently as when you buy a subscription you’re given a code that the receiver then has to go online to redeem. In doing so they get to choose if they receive beans or ground, espresso or filter which makes for a great personalised present. Prices start at £24 for 3 months


3. If you know someone who would prefer something a little stronger than why not try a spirit tasting box. This is a pricier option starting at £37.99 for 2 months.

whiskey, whiskey whiskey

4. If you have green fingered friends why not try allotinabox. These fun looking boxes contain seeds and other stuff that people need when wanting to grow stuff that I don’t really understand. An annual subscription is £59.99
allotment, lettuce

5. My personal favourite is a stationary subscription service with Ink drops. Each month a box you’ll get a mixture of cards and other beautiful things to write letters with or just look at because you don’t want to spoil them. This one starts at £16 a month

credit: google images
credit: google images

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