Review of the year

It’s the annual look back at what went on in The Teaspoon House in 2015…


The biggest event in the house during the strange month of January where you don’t quite have enough money and have eaten too much to want to do anything anyway – I eventually painted a chalk board in the kitchen, finally after around a year of saying I was going to.


A new year means a new health kick right? Well February began the sugar free challenge with the help of delightful Davina.


I got busy getting my craft-on making pretty candles with tea cups…


Looking back, it seems that all Mr T and I did in April was eat some amazing meals and The Hawksmoor and The Dorcester


With spring on its way the allotment got the attention it deserved as we planned what to plant where and dug up a small percentage of the weeds.


The time arrived for the loft work to start. We packed our belongings away and covered things in plastic. It was the start of looong journey.


Very quite on the blogging front. We had moved out of The Teaspoon House to allow for the house to be ripped apart and put back together again, again so I wrote about mascara instead.


Loft loft loft loft loft and nothing but the loft


Still loft loft loft..oh and some a once in a lifetime holiday to forget about the loft


Did I mention we had some work done on the house? I also revamped a dressing table with fancy chalk paint


At last, things in the house were getting back to normal. Nearly all traces of dust were wiped away and we learnt how to live without builders again. We had carpet, painted wall and my favourite – shutters.


Crafting was back on the agenda. This time I tried my hand at brush lettering and surprise it surprise, it was quite tricky.

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