capsule wardrobe – accessories

Now that a month has passed in the current capsule wardrobe season I thought I’d update you on how things are going.

Overall I’m still enjoying planning my wardrobe this way but despite getting dressed more quickly, I’m not ready any earlier.  Instead I now take longer with everything else there is to do in those precious minutes before needing to leave the house in time for work.

As the weather in season one (Oct-Dec) and two (Jan-March) is similar I didn’t change much over, but this does mean I’ve been getting a little bored of wearing the same jumpers over and over but this says more about my feelings towards the weather than my wardrobe!

What has been helping is adding a scarf or piece of jewellery to jazz things up a little.

capsule wardrobe, scarfBe gone ‘but I wore this last week’ feeling and extra points for having a warm neck avec scarf.

I feel at this point I should say that I am very aware that this whole thing is not a life or death issue. It’s fairly self-indulgent.

That aside, I do think how you feel about yourself is important and some of that, I believe, can be changed when you feeling comfortable with what you are wearing. 

Ok, moving on…


With this particular capsule wardrobe project accessories don’t count as part of your 30-something items. Neither does night wear (by this I mean pyjamas, not clothes you only wear at night – that would be weird) workout clothes, cocktail wear (aka weddings) or underwear (sigh of relief).

For me this has meant a revival in choosing necklaces, scarfs and earrings that inadvertently meant sorting out of what I really liked from things haven’t been wearing because they hurt my ears/get tangled up/was too fluffy and irritated my contact lenses.

capsule wardrobe, scarfMy secret love for sorting – whoa hold on just a moment, who am I trying to kid – my out-there big love for sorting, found much delight with this impromptu moment and I enjoy seeing my scarfs rolled up neatly* in a basket and earrings hanging up in the ever so slightly overly clinical holder from muji.

capsule wardrobe jewllery

*for a couple of days, then it’s a tangled mess.




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