livin’ in a box

Chances are if you’re living in or close to a city your accommodation is on the smaller side.

This isn’t a bad thing but could mean you need to be creative when planning where your belongings will go.

Throughout the renovation of The Teaspoon House, Mr T and I made a conscious effort to utilise the space we had and I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I think we got pretty good at it!

So I am here to tell you that living in a small space does not need to be an issue. Don’t let it put you off if everything else about the flat/house/room you are looking at is screaming ‘You love me already don’t you.’

Fit more on a shelf

Add an extra level into a cupboard and whoo hoo, an extra shelf means double the space. Lakeland  sell ones very similar to this one that we use to fit our glasses into this cupboard. A bigger version would also work in wardrobes, under the sink etc.

kitchen, storage

Narrow doesn’t mean useless

There can be a tendency to see a narrow space and think that it isn’t a useful when really they can be awesome, especially when you use a cupboard like this with different levels.

We use the first level for utensils. Tins and jars on the second and heavier items at the bottom.

kitchenThere’s a place for everything

Use rails for hanging things. Here we’ve used hooks from ikea to hang our food mixer attachments. You could do the same if the ceiling is strong enough for pots and pans or even put up a rack for drying laundry.
kitchen, storage

kitchen storage

Shop smart

Apart from the usual question of ‘do I really need this?’ think about where something will live.

I would love to have clear kitchen worktops but in reality, that ain’t going to happen. We opted to use glass jars to store food and this way when they are out on the work surface all the time they are nicer to look at and easy to wipe clean.

Finally, look for items that have more than one use or are especially compact. Personally I love Joseph Joseph products and this nest of bowls we were given as present are perfect.  Items that are compact make a great house warming gifts for someone who might not have much space.

So there you go, a few ideas to help you fall in love with smaller spaces.

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