Fire place ready

There are always going to be little jobs around the home you need to do but if we’re being honest have no intention of ever doing.

I’d say this applies to whether you own or rent where you live. If you rent maybe it’s getting around to telling your landlord that you can only turn the bathroom light on using a spanner. You keep meaning to do but never quite get around to it.

In The Teaspoon House I felt this way about the fire place in the bedroom.

Initially it surprised us even being there. Covered up with plaster board until Mr T unearthed it during a crazy demolition phase.

bedroom, fireplace

Apart from strong love feelings towards the cast iron surround we left it as it was.

Occasionally we would sweep out some of the soot and dust but other wise it was a ‘one day’ job on the list that will never be looked at again.

In phase one of the Teaspoon House renovation, we had this room re-plastered and the plan had been to plaster the chimney breast but not the bricks immediately around the fire place. However misunderstandings took place and half of the bricks were plastered and the rest weren’t.

We knew it wasn’t right so added it to the list of jobs we were secretly never going to do anything about.

But hold on….let’s rewind to last summer.

loft conversion

The room had been re-demolished during the loft conversion so when walls were plastered again (crying at the memories) we made it quite clear that the whole chimney must be plastered.

And it was.

Now the fire surround was shining brightly in its Victorian goodness and the wall was plastered and painted. But as the saying goes, it’s what inside that counts and inside the fireplace was letting everything else down.

Somehow, I found the will and cleaned out all the dust that even the Hoover exploded.

bedroom, fireplace

In a stroke of not unusual genius,  Mr T put a left over bathroom tile in the bottom making it flat and may I say, pretty fancy looking.

What better way to show it off with a couple of candle sticks casually placed like they live inside an interiors magazine purchased for the sky-high price of £5 and £3 in a department store sale that got the sales assistant asking if there were anymore left.

bedroom, fireplacebedroom, fireplaceJob done.


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