spring pastel shades

On a recent stroll through TK Maxx while Mr T was returning something, I found myself have a gander around the beauty section.

If you’ve not done this before I can throughly recommend it for a chance to grab something that would otherwise be rather expensive. It’s also great as you can smell lots of lovely lotions and potions from brands that you might not have heard of or you heard about but not got your hands on yet.

The most recent item to fall into my basket was an essie nail polish duo made up of a cornflower blue called ‘bikini so teeny’  and ‘get setter’ topcoat for £9.99.



Retailing at around £8 a bottle, getting two for £10 seemed pretty good deal and a cheaper way to try a pastel shade while getting a top coat that is something I often have to repurchase.

I needed two coats of the blue to get an even finish plus the top coat. I was impressed with how fast they dried especially as I’m one of those people who paints their nails and then needs to go to the loo or take something out of the oven.

nail varnish


p.s the magazine in the above photo is great – even if you’re not a blogger but want to read about people who are, I can recommend it.


update just thought I say that this polish lasted 5 days before it started to chip -good stuff!

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