when only a biscuit will do

I do love a good biscuit, especially with a cup of tea but one is, of course, only too aware that we shouldn’t eat too much sugar, processed foods and well loads of other things quite frankly!

While I’m not anywhere close to achieving this yet I do try where I can and home baking has been a great place to test this out.

I had the unexplained need for some biscuits recently and making a batch of these is so quick that I thought that perhaps I should share it with you.

My current go-to for a home-made biscuit is taken from a recipe by Madeline Shaw. Her website has tonnes of great recipes on there, I’d really recommend it for when you want a sweet treat.

Click on the link to get the full recipe and method – but basically, mix everything together and then place a small amount of the dough on a baking tray and cook them. In my oven 15 minutes was the optimum baking time.



I did tweak this as the recipe asked for 150g of coconut oil. Personally this would have been half of my jar which wasn’t cheap so I just used butter instead. There are reports saying that coconut oil isn’t all that good for you when used all the time in cooking but is fine when used occasionally just like butter so you know, you should just use whatever you prefer really.

Take it from me, these are SO good and didn’t last long at all in The Teaspoon House.



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