Fitted wardrobe success!


Last week you had a quick tour of the loft room were you’d have seen we finally have wardrobes.

We’re really pleased with how they turned out and Mr T worked really hard to build them. I helped here and there but he did everything really!

It was only in June this year that we got around to sorting out wardrobe space and had been using hanging rails from Ikea that did the job perfectly but we both liked the idea of having doors to shut our clothes away so we weren’t looking at them all the time and getting something built-in felt like the right thing to do to get maximum use from the alcove space.

Mr T, who has incredible patience,  spent hours drawing plans, visiting B&Q and Ikea and over the space of a couple of weekends built the whole thing.

So that the space was the right depth for hangers and drawers, we went beyond the alcove and were able to keep a good amount of space to be able to open the doors fully – very important – and walk around the bed easily.

wardrobe, loft

The doors are from B&Q but inside we went for a combination of rails from B&Q and pax drawers from Ikea.



You can choose from a range of draw fronts and we went for glass fronts so we can easily see what’s in each one. It also helps me to try and put things away neatly.

We would have been left with a space either at the top or bottom of the drawers  so decided to get two platforming type shelves with felt trays. We’ve used them for storing jewellery, belts and those plastic things that go inside shirt collars. We prefer this having gaps at the top/bottom of the drawers.


On either side of the drawers are two hanging rails on each side and a hook on the back of each of the doors.

There’s also some space on the floor for storing shoes and boxes of out-of-season clothes.

To finish it off, we painted and waxed it with the same Annie Sloan paint used on the dressing table so that it fits with the rest of the furniture in the room.

So there you have it.  A built-in wardrobe using pieces from Ikea and DIY stores to get the finished product we needed.

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