Back for good?

It’s been six months since I last published a blog post..six months!

I’m hoping that now, in the words of Take That, I’m back for good.

But who knows.

Life in the Teaspoon House has got rather more chaotic as we welcomed a tiny mini teaspoon into out lives at the end of 2016 . (Tiny mini teaspoon (TMT) aka baby and not a pet dog or anything :-)) so while I would love to think that I’ll now be able to write more frequent posts while she sleeps I don’t think that’s a promise I can keep.


In my head I have lots of potential blog posts written already.

Quite a few will be about pregnancy and parenting but I would like it if I am also able to write about other things too if head space allows.

Right now I am sitting here typing away while TMT is sleeping. I spent the first 30 minutes of her sleeping – just sitting, waiting for her to wake up.

She didn’t so the next 30 minutes I did some washing up at high-speed so as to finish the job quickly, just in case she woke.

She didn’t so for the next 30 minutes I decided to write a blog post whilst also feeling, dare I admit it, a little annoyed.

If I had know that an impromptu nap of over an hour was going to occur I could have wasted (more) time looking at social media, done some exercise, eaten something with a knife and a fork, drank a hot drink…the list goes on.

Anyway this blog post as it happens isn’t about anything really other than to say that I’m going to try to start writing again.





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