This week I was brave.

I drove to the supermarket. With Baby. On my own.

glam life

I then proceeded to transfer Baby from car seat to supermarket trolley seat with no tears (from either of us)

I whizzed around the store doing my food shopping, while Baby lay quietly in the plastic seat.

I was winning.

I was not thinking about how dirty the seat she was sat in must be.

Nor was I thinking about how unsafe the straps of the seat looked.

She was happy and fellow shoppers were looking at her and saying nice things.

I packed the shopping into the bags at the same super speed that the shop assistant beeped it all through the checkout.
I transferred Baby from flimsy plastic trolley seat back into car seat with no tears.

We got home and I was able to eat my lunch at the same lightning speed that I packed the shopping – you never know when a micro humans will wake up.

Yes, I was winning. Need parenting advise? Just ask me, I am super parent.

I am forgetting the huge crying episode that erupted when we got home. Or when she woke up from a nap. Or when I had to put her in the pram. Or when I took her out of the pram.

Just for that moment, I was winning!

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