can’t live without…

I was looking forward to getting the various bits and pieces needed when welcoming a baby into the world.

This excitement was short-lived with visits to department stores leaving me overwhelmed and searching the internet for options opened up a whole mind field of reviews and opinions from people I’d never meet but whose views suddenly meant everything.

For every product that someone raves about there’s another person who thinks it’s a complete waste of money and will tell you what you can use that does the same job for a fraction on the cost.

Fortunately we were given some of the essentials which took away a heap of decisions for which I am forever grateful and of the things that we did invest in, here are my top five items of baby crap.


1) Sleepyhead

The shape of the sleepyhead means that babies supposedly feel secure as they’re cocooned in it.

I said to Mr T that I wanted to get one. He said we probably didn’t need it. I ordered one anyway.

A few days after we brought the baby home we started using it and still are.

It’s really light, so is easy to take with you if you dare go out to visit people and don’t want to hold the baby all day. (As adorable as they are, your arms will start to ache)  and when you’re at home it’s lightness means you can carry it with one arm and the baby in the other from room to room.

2) Ewan the dream sheep

White noise is proven to help people sleep and babies love it as it reminds them of sounds in the womb.

At first we were using a white noise app on our phones but this ran the battery down way too fast so we got one of these instead. It has four different sounds and a weird glowing tummy – we turned that bit off.

This fluffy sheep is worth every penny. Some clever clogs on the internet would suggest that you could instead turn your Hoover on or use a not-tuned-in radio but quite frankly I prefer pressing a sheep’s foot over having my Hoover switched on in the middle of the night thank you very much.

3) Bath Seat
Some more people on the internet got very cross about these. It is true that you don’t need a bath seat but with your first baby you’re so paranoid about breaking them that the seat meant some of the fear was taken away.

Your miniature human gets to sit in bath, cradled by the seat meaning you spend less time freaking out about holding a slippery baby in water. Of course you never ever leave them unattended in the bath and for us this plastic seat gave peace of mind,

4) Bouncer

Genuinely an absolute life saver.

Once you realise that your precious bundle will cope without being held 24/7 then the humble baby bouncer is your new best friend. Mr T got ours and I confess I questioned the need for one.

Oh how fickle I was.

No sooner was it assembled and Baby seated in the bouncy chair, it was as if an angelic chorus sung overhead.

Instant entertainment provided by the plastic jungle animals hanging overhead plus the nifty bouncy legs are known to induce sleep when rocked by devoted care givers. The bonus feature of battery operated jiggling for those fraught moments when you know they need a nap but they refuse to nap and you’re too exhausted to even think about going for a walk to make them sleep, all at your finger tips!

Important side note: there will be occasions when the bouncer of joy is mistaken for a torture device by your child who might scream when you even dare consider placing them in it.

5) Perfect Prep Machine

I wasn’t expecting to need one of these but that’s a post for another day. In The Teaspoon House this machine is used throughout the day and night to prepare formula and we wouldn’t be without it. Thank you to whoever it was that first thought of this and got it made.

Precious time saved in the pressing of a big button.


I know that as Tiny Mini Teaspoon grows,  our top five items will change –  I’m just waiting for the bouncer to be replaced with the highly anticipated jumparoo but for now, if we were to do this all again, these would be the items we couldn’t be without.

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