can’t get no sleep

I love a good day time nap.

Picture the scene –  It’s Sunday afternoon after a nice roast dinner. You’re lying on the sofa watching a soothing programme about life in the country side and you end up falling asleep – what bliss.

Credit: google images

My micro human doesn’t seem to have inherited this trait.

She would rather keep her eyes wide open, taking in the world at every opportunity. The one exception to this is when we are at Church when people peer into the pram only to be disappointed that she is asleep, mind you I’d probably sleep through Church sometimes if I could!

I’ve spent numerous hours reading up on establishing a day time routine and the number of naps a baby should have and when the best time to take them is.

Now of course, Baby does nap when we’re out walking but sometimes I am SO tired and don’t want to have to walk around for two hours. Typically she’ll fall in to a deep sleep as soon as we turn the corner and arrive home at the front door and this means one thing – the dreaded transfer.

Will she wake or won’t she?

The other time she’ll nap is after a feed and she’s lying on me. Now I love a baby snuggle but how does she know when I’m about to put her down in her cot?  Her eyes ping open and she gives me a gummy grin as if to say “why would you want to put me in here mummy when I’m so cute?”

So everyday I start again.

I tell myself to go with the flow, look for the cues of when she is tired. Other days I decide to be Mrs Strict and decide when I think she should be sleepy – this one is definitely not worth the hassle, at least that what I’ve decided today.

What I have learnt is that what works one day doesn’t always work the next.

This napping business is becoming a bit of an obsession. I am hoping one day we’ll crack it.

Until then, every day is a new day to try again.

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