capsule wardrobe | post pregnancy

During pregnancy I enjoyed my capsule wardrobe. My sister had a baby eight months before me and passed on her maternity clothes to me.

Fast forward six months and with those clothes returned I started to grow weary of rotating the same couple of T-shirts, hoping that one wouldn’t have too much obvious baby drool or sick on it.

So over the last few months I have been getting some new items to give my previous capsule wardrobe a refresh as over time, a lot of my clothes have been packed away -clothes I would wear to work for example- and others donated to charity shops.

When my jeans finally gave up, even after my attempts at patching them up I knew I had to put my brave face on and tackle most disliked clothes shopping tasks- jeans shopping.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t really know what size I was anymore or what style I even liked.

Thankfully, with Mr T’s help I got a couple of pairs from TK Maxx. One is a relaxed fit with distressed detail and the other a skinny fit pair.


I was definitely a jeans and T-shirt girl pre-baby and certainly am even more so now as they have become my daily uniform.

T-Shirts : Benetton

I really like these three T-shirts and think they each add something to my capsule wardrobe that was missing before.

I’m liking the colour option of a green stripe, the detail of mesh on the white and the denim detail with a red stripe.


T-shirts: Benetton | Benetton | H&M

You can’t go wrong with some plain basics and these three fit the bill for me nicely. All are slightly loose and help hide my tummy 😉


Jumpers:  TK Maxx | Gap

A couple of light weight jumpers, ideal for summer evenings. The Gap washable merino wool jumper was a bargain at £9.99.


Shirt dresses: H&M

Shirt dresses make me feel like I’ve made a bit of an effort even when thrown on with a pair of leggings.


T-shirt: Oasis

Finally, I love this pineapple print round neck T-shirt from Oasis.

In my head this is something to wear on a night out but given that I don’t really go out much these days maybe I’ll settle for an afternoon out to have some cake!

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