five favourites | summer make up

I’m quite enjoying make up again at the moment –  here’s a run down of my current favourites a.k.a trying to look like I’ve had a full nights sleep.


1. I’m really liking the bronze eye shadow ‘Cabana’ from bare minerals.

I tend to wear it all over the lid, blended with a brush to give a wash of colour to the eye.

There’s just the right amount of shimmer but not too much that you resemble a glitter ball. It’s also warm enough that it would work well as an autumn shade as well.

A good all-rounder.


2. As I’ve got a bit more colour on my face these days due to daily walks with the pram I’ve been using the Clarins instant concealer under my eyes.

I’ve had this for a while and annoyingly got the wrong shade that’s too dark for me in the winter months when I spend more time trying to convince people I’m not ill, just pale skinned, but right now I’m finding the shade ’02’ is just right.

This is a great product as a little really does go a long way and stays put.

3. My all time favourite mascara is Le volume de Chanel but as I can’t quite allow myself to spend more than £10 on a mascara it’s something I put on my wish list from time to time instead.

Right now though I’m really into L’Oréal voluminous mascara.
It doesn’t flake during the day or go clumpy. It’s a good one for building up layers if you want to create more impact or wear a couple of layers for a natural look.

4. Another bare minerals product sneaks in at number four. The mineral veil quite frankly is brilliant.

It’s something I don’t often use if I’m putting my make up on whilst holding a small child but the occasions when that isn’t the case I apply mineral veil once I’ve finished my make up to set everything in place. It’s also excellent at keeping shine under control.

Why don’t I use this more often?

5. The By Terry ombré black star cream eye shadow is perfection.

With amazing staying power, you actually can apply this first thing in the morning and it’s still there when you take your make up off at the end of day.

I have the shade ‘Ombre Mecure’ and would have them in every colour given half the chance.

They’re tricky to take photos of as the stick is shiny, so enjoy this one from Cult Beauty instead!



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