Christmas tree

There’s a change a comin’

We no longer live in The Teaspoon House.

We moved house this week and have a new project on our hands for 2018 and beyond!

There is a lot of work to do in  ‘The New House’  but the previous owners lived here from when it was first built and have taken very good care of it.

Highlights so far include:

  • There is a bathroom that isn’t in the kitchen.
  • All walls and ceilings are covered with textured paper.
  • Lots of light switches don’t turn any lights on.
  • The dining room lamp shades look like something you might make at a craft fair. (see below)
  • We have a very tall christmas tree thanks to the sky light!

Christmas tree

Last night while we watched television as a reward for unpacking even more boxes (and celebrating that Sky TV was connected) I commented on how I already felt at home.

For one thing, it was lovely to sit on the sofa and not feel a draft from the front door.

I’ll leave it there as there will be plenty more to tell you about over the next weeks and into the future.

Have a wonderful Christmas you lovely people.


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