its a little bit funny

The boxes have been unpacked (well almost all of them) and now we get to start living!

People keep asking “how’s the house?” and at the moment my answer is that it’s a bit like living in a run down holiday home.

This is the time we start to discover The New Houses little quirks and learn what’s too annoying and what we can put up with.

For example, the door handles were very squeaky.

Mr T sprayed them with WD40 and now they don’t squeak.

The kitchen cupboard doors occasionally feel like they might fall off in your hand. This isn’t ideal but as that hasn’t happened yet, it’s strangely ok.

The fact that there is a big white patch on the wall where a piece of furniture used to be doesn’t bother us much at all.  So much so that we hung all of our pictures on this wall. You could for a brief moment not even notice it.

Perhaps there’s an added distraction of the odd lampshades that we haven’t changed yet!


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