Life, it’s the name of the game

Does anyone else remember a song that Bruce Forsyth sang at the start of a game show in the late 80’s/early 90’s with the words, ‘life, it’s the name of the game and I wanna play the game with you’?

It was going around my head this morning (along with an alphabet song from baby tv) and has been bugging me ever since.

Add a comment for me if you do as it would please me greatly.

Right, cracking on with this post which does relate to those words.

Our little person has made a leap last week in that she has started taking some steps independently. She does rather resemble a rather inebriated person staggering from one sofa to the other as she giggles with delight at her feat which makes it even more endearing.

She’s been charging about using her baby walker for a while now and will walk holding our hands happily but is still a bit wary on her own.

It’s made me realised just how fast time is going and my heart hurts when I think how quickly she is growing up.

And you know what, it makes me a happy to feel that way as in the early days of motherhood I was not a happy bunny. The initial shock of ‘what on earth 😳…’ passed quickly but felt like a life time and I’m relieved and proud to have made it to the other side.

Of course I still get super annoyed at the (very) early mornings, food refusal and how sometimes I feel like my brain has turned to mush.

But just look at how cute and tiny her first shoes are!

2 thoughts on “Life, it’s the name of the game

  1. Was it the generation game song? I remember it and it’s now happily going round my head too! Such gorgeous shoes btw!


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